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Hi, this is Janice Jackson. I wanted to take a moment to share some news with you. After much contemplation and consideration, I’ve decided to transition away from offering massage and other bodywork services. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of wonderful individuals.
While I won’t be providing bodywork any longer, I’m excited to offer you alternatives that I believe you’ll find beneficial .Over the years, I’ve gathered a collection of excellent massage tools and resources that can help you achieve relaxation and wellness in the comfort of your own space. From innovative handheld massagers to guides on self-care techniques, I’ve curated a selection of tools that have the potential to bring you a similar sense of comfort and relief that you’ve experienced from bodywork.
Your support and trust have meant a lot to me, and I truly value the connection we’ve built. If you’re interested in exploring these tools or have any questions about how to incorporate them into your wellness routine, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help and provide guidance as you continue your journey towards wellness and relaxation.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wellness journey, and I look forward to continuing to support you in new and meaningful ways. Warm regards,
Janice Jackson PS: Please sign up for my newsletter on my new website:

Our Products

Shop Jumpstart Your
Brain Fitness Journey

Revitalize your overall wellness through better brain fitness. Activate your Brain’s peak potential and tap into different neural pathways to think, sleep, and perform, better.

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Shop Healy: Frequencies
For Your Life

Following decades of research and development, scientists have not only confirmed the existence of electromagnetic fields, they have begun to understand the vital role these fields play in overall health, happiness, and well-being. The Healy bio-resonance device is a lightweight, wearable, holistic, quantum censor that merges health, science, technology, and spirituality.

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Shop Maximum-Strength
Pain Relief. Guaranteed.

Signal Relief is made of medical-grade materials that are flexible, durable, and latex-free. Microscopic particles within the Signal Relief Patch act as an antenna to divert signals and interrupt the pain cycle. Unlike TENS units, lidocaine patches, or pills, nothing is put into your body with the use of the Signal Relief patch.

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Shop Organic
Vibrant Blue Essential Oils

Vibrant Blue Oils formulates proprietary blends of organic or wild-crafted essential oils that help balance organ systems and regions of the brain, including balancing emotions and supporting symptoms, so the body can function optimally and heal.

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Shop Echo 2
Hydrogen Water

Experience the benefits of advanced molecular hydrogen with hydrogen-enriched water. Our breakthrough hydration technology delivers powerful antioxidants that optimize cellular health, improve focus, and increase longevity. Say goodbye to ordinary water and embrace a healthier lifestyle with our hydrogen-enriched water. Order now and start feeling the difference!

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Shop LifePro

Exercise Equipment and Vibration Plates. Lifepro is a vibrant community where people striving to achieve their fitness goals can find all the equipment they need, clear workout routines to follow, and support to keep them motivated and on track, all in one place. Lifepro Fitness is not about us. It’s about you. All fitness products include: 100% Lifetime Warranty. Free Shipping & Free 30-Day Returns.

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Shop ProNeuroLight Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy

Shop ProNeuroLIGHT™ provides the best engineered Transcranial Photobiomodulation (tPBM) devices.

Our devices are unique tPBM technology that carefully stimulate the brain with engineered light to help revitalize the mitochondria. You see, your mitochondria are the powerhouses that produce energy for all our cells to work properly.

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Shop Mountain
Rose Herbs

Shop People, plants, and the planet are more important than profit. This remains at the heart of each decision we make, each farm partnership we begin, and in each educational resource we share.

Supplying Organic, Fair Trade, Zero Waste and Non-GMO Certified Herbs and Spices, Seasonings, Teas, Essential Oils, Classes, Books and More. Shop to your heart’s content!!

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Shop Energy Bits

Bits® are tiny “bits of nutrition” made purely of algae, a sustainable whole food crop endorsed by NASA and United Nations as the most nutritionally dense food in the world. Scientific studies have shown that algae’s nutrients improve immune health, gut health, energy, longevity, nutrition and beauty. Algae also replaces your need for veggies.

Swallow or chew a few algae tablets to flood your body with pure, toxin-free nutrition, protein and nutrients you simply can’t get from any other food or supplement.

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Shop Stimawell EMS Back Mat

The patented BackUP! System was specially developed for the treatment of back pain. Back problems are a big issue. Almost 80% of adults suffer from back pain at least once in their lives. Athletes and people who keep fit can also be affected by the “widespread disease of back pain”.

“4 in 1” concept against back problems.

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Shop ASEA Redox Supplement

The breakthrough that started it all. Enjoy overall health benefits when our redox signaling molecules spark cellular communication.

Using exclusive redox signaling technology, this innovative product positively impacts the cellular health of every system of the body.

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