Transitions to a Healthy Alkaline Lifestyle


I’m kind of a health nut so I’m going to start a series of very basic information blurbs. These are things you can use everyday to become healthier. There are no guilt trips here. Just me and you. No food police. No critics.

I like to apply “The Secret” method to eating healthy. You manifest what you think about. So if you think you are fat and that you are “bad” for eating the “wrong” things, then this blog is for you! We have none of that here.

To be a healthy eater, it’s good to realize that you are not competing with anyone. You have simply chosen a personal mission to eat healthy. Hopefully because you value your life and want to live a long time.

It’s important not to compare yourself to anyone else since bodies have different metabolisims, chemistry, genetics, etc. I kind of follow the acid/alkaline, cooked/raw type plan. Best to eat more raw than cooked. I am not vegetarian, however. Then you can pick the percentage of each you want to eat. 50/50, 60/40, 80/20, or whatever. Start where ever you are comfortable. We want to succeed afterall!! Start slow.

Don’t empty the refrigerator and cupboards! You will have cravings at the beginning that will need to be satisfied.

My plan is based on “adding” not “eliminating”. If you focus on eliminating, what does that =? deprivation, starvation, hunger, diet, thoughts that you can’t h ave something and that you are “bad” if you do.

Now, if you focus on adding, what does that =? abundance, satisfied, full stomach and feeling good about yourself. So if you add 1 new food (raw, alkaline) per month, that equals 12 things that you have chosen to contribute to your healthier lifestyle for the year. If you add 1 new food per week, that equals 52 things you have chosen to consume to add to your healthier body.

HOW GOOD DOES THAT FEEL??? Don’t you feel empowered? Don’t you feel in control? Good about yourself? hopeful and that this is do-able?

It’s amazing how this thought process works. So now you can start something that is easy and something that you can accomplish.

OK, so next I’ll get into how to get started. I know you have questions about acid/alkaline, does everything have to be raw (how boring!-not), and more.

Chow for now.


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