The Truth About All Medications

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According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist at the pH Miracle Living Center, “there is not a drug on the market that I have not tested that helps to restore the alkaline design of the body. All drugs are acidic and therefore have side-effects that can compromise long-term health and fitness. The best drug that one can take is education. When one is educated on how to achieve incredible health, energy and fitness they find out that the body needs “NO MEDICATION”! The body is NOT suffering from a DRUG deficiency.

The body needs more alkalinity from an alkaline lifestyle and diet. This alkalinity can be achieved with more fresh air, pure alkaline water (at least 4 liters a day), alkaline salt (8 to 10 grams), daily saturation of sunlight (at least 20 minutes a day), 3 to 4 ounces of long chain fats from flax, hemp, avocado, etc., liberal amounts of alkaline fruits and vegetables (12 to 16 servings daily) and alkaline exercise (at least 1 hour of aerobic exercise each day). The result or side-effects for those who choose an alkaline lifestyle and diet will always be increased energy, fitness and health! So, say NO To ALL MEDICATIONS and YES to EDUCATION and ALKALINITY. I believe it will improve the quality and quantity of one’s life.”

This is something of which most people are not aware – that medications are acidic in nature.

By changing your eating habits to more fully embrace an alkaline lifestyle, you can prevent a lot of dis-ease that happens as we age. There is no reason why you should not have QUALITY of life as you age.
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It takes 20 parts of alkalinity to cancel out 1 part of acidity. It is my belief that there is no way you can do this without an alkalizing supplement. You simply would have to eat too much food. This is a change that takes place slowly and with the help of InnerLight SuperGreens and alkaline pH drops. These are the products that Dr.Robert O. Young formulated to help. You can purchase them here: The SuperGreens come in capsule form for on-the-go people and powder form to add to water (energized to 250 mhz). The pH drops are to be added to all water you drink using 1 drop per 2 ozs of water. Consume 3-4 quarts of water per day. This will help to flush toxins and hydrate. It’s that easy to get started. If you have questions, please email me – I’m all about customer service believe me!


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