Third Quarter Cleansing Feast Calls

Hi Everyone,

My company’s third quarter cleansing feast starts tonight. It’s one week long. Here are the details.

July 23rd through 29th

If you want to do a cleanse….Join the calls for support

If you don’t want to do a cleanse….Join the calls for education

If you can do a partial cleanse . . .join for support and education

Here are the options:

Cleansing is a personal decision and what one person considers the ultimate cleanse could be less or more for someone else. Decide your reasons, then decide your choices: Products only, products and small food changes, small food changes only, products and the liquid feast. Once you decide how you are going to cleanse, order your products and start preparing.

Look at the 7-day cleanse as a “shower” from the inside out. Each of us takes a daily shower to clean the outside of our body. So, how do you clean the inside? Three daily eliminations are part of that but we need to do more on a regular basis. The InnerLight cleanse is an accelerated program that is referred to as a “liquid feast”, not a “fast. It is not a program of deprivation. It is a program whereby you feed your body better than you have ever fed it before. This, along with the proper supplements, will help clean out the digestive tract and bowel, and provide the body the opportunity to use the energy that is generally used for digestion (50%) to be used for rebuilding our bodies in a better way!

There are three rules:

1. Has to be green

2. Has to be pureed or liquefied.

3. Eat as often as you want

What Products to order for the 7 Day Cleanse?

“Good, Better and Best” Options depending on the commitment you plan to make

The First Option: Good

SuperGreens 180 Gram Powder, LL Prime pH 2oz, MycoDetox I, MycoDetox II,

Optional: Earth Essence Clay, Silver Solution, Fibrada

The Second Option: Better

The same as the first option but add: Caprilenic and Spectrazyme

The Third Option: Best

The same as the second option but add: Noni II

It is suggested that Earth Essence Clay, Silver Solution and Fibrada be added to every option

All calls start at 9pm EST

1-712-338-8000. PIN 7039#

Here is the cleanse call schedule

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 – “Sticking to a Cleanse: What does it take?”

Whether your first cleanse or your tenth, you will learn all about what it takes to have success during these next seven days.

Thursday, July 24, 2008 -”What can I expect to feel during and after the cleanse?

Friday, July 25, 2008 – “The role of digestion and how a cleanse can improve this most important function of the body”. Learn how important digestion is and how acid can interrupt the process.

Saturday, July 26, 2008 – “Colon/Bowel health; How important is it?” Learn the symptoms of a toxic colon and what you can do about it using the Innerlight program for cleansing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008 – “Are you feeling a difference yet?” We will discuss

What may be happening on day five of the cleanse…..Is your energy up or are you still waiting for it?

Monday, July 28 – “The lymphatic system and its role in your health”. Will a cleanse move the toxins out and how we can accelerate the process?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 – “Finish line success stories and what’s next?

Good luck to all. Please post your comments about your experiences with this.

Chow for now.