Demi Moore Stays Slender from Her Raw Food Diet

Actress Demi Moore stays slender from her raw food diet August 21, 2:47 PMCelebrity Weight Loss ExaminerJoanne Eglash Previous Subscribe Get alerts when there is a new article from the Celebrity Weight Loss Examiner. Read’s terms of use. Email Address Include other special offers from Terms of Use // Demi Moore dazzles, thanks […]

Cancer Cure Testimonies

Hi Everyone, Here are 2 cancer cure testimonies from people eating alkaline foods.  It’s really not hard.  To get alkaline supplements, especially SuperGreens, go to my website ( or call 1-800-677-0997 and give them my name and I.D. #124175.  There are lots in my blog archives fro doing this gradually. Testimony: I visited a doctor […]

How’s the Resolution to Lose Weight Going?

Hi Everyone, Were you one of those who had this resolution?  Do people still “do” New Year’s Resolutions?? Come on – you know by now that you’ve already blown it, right?  It never works.  You try each year with the same results. Try something new.  Ready??    INNERLIGHT SUPERGREENS   Why?  Because they work.  They alkalize the […]