Chlorophyll 10x More Potent Than Anti-Cancer Drug

Hi, Everyone, Research from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University suggests that natural compounds of chlorophyll, chlorophyllin, and selenium compounds, which previously have been studied for their ability to preventing a cancerous condition, may be able to play a more significant role in reversing a cancerous condition. A new study just published in […]

Acid/Alkaline Balance for Health

Hi Everyone, Just in case you think I’m the only one out there talking about acid/alkaline balance – here is an article I came across which talks about what an acidic lifestyle can do to your body. You won’t hear your physician talking about this to you because they want to sell you drugs after […]

Hi Everyone, Here is a link for the Health Book Summaries.  Their newest one is Green for Life.  Lots of good information here.  If you are trying to alkalize and eat green to stay healthy, this is the book for you.  Don’t let boredom set in. via Chow, Janice.