Medical News: Counteracting Acidic Diet Reduces Markers of Bone Loss in Older Adults – in Primary Care, Diet & Nutrition from MedPage Today

Hi Everyone, Here is an article about acid/alkaline balance in the diet and it’s effects on bone loss.  It’s from MedPage Today.  It basically says that eating fruits and vegetables, which are alkaline, will help prevent bone loss.  It also says that it’s about impossible to eat enough food to counteract our acidic lifestyle and […]

How Much Should I Exercise?

Hi Everyone, I know it’s that dreaded word “Exercise”. So what’s a person to do. I’ll tell you – plain and simple. 1) Pick something you like to do – even a sport – ping pong, badminton, tennis or whatever. Even a mini-trampoline is fantastic. It all burns calories, gets the body moving and flexible […]