No Boxes

Hi Everyone, Thanks for reading my blog.  Hopefully the tips I write are helping you on your alkaline journey to health and longevity – that is truly my mission.  If you ever want a FREE consultation or talk, just email me. The challenge for this weekend starting Friday am to Sunday evening is not to […]

Discover the Secrets to Holistic Nutrition, Cleansing and Fasting, Natural Weight Loss with Kevin Gianni

Hi Everyone, If the name, Kevin Gianni, is not on your radar yet, he should be.  He has done some of the most amazing interviews with experts in the raw food and health field.  There is another one coming up. After you listen to the interview, head over to my website for your SuperGreens and […]

SuperGreens & Prime pH – Quick Start Video | Blog

Hi Everyone, Here’s a short video my partner did on getting started with the SuperGreens and Prime pH drops. These products will help you alkalize, energize and get healthy – change from an acidic body to an alkaline body. This is the secret to staying healthy. Don’t be fooled by other green products. You take […]