Cancer Cure Testimonies

Hi Everyone, Here are 2 cancer cure testimonies from people eating alkaline foods.  It’s really not hard.  To get alkaline supplements, especially SuperGreens, go to my website ( or call 1-800-677-0997 and give them my name and I.D. #124175.  There are lots in my blog archives fro doing this gradually. Testimony: I visited a doctor […]

Get Rid of Disease Today!

Hi Everyone, I’ve been too busy to write lately but wanted to pass along this email from Dr. Robert Young, himself.  It really lets you know what happens when we get acidic. Just as our body temperature must be maintained at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, your blood is ideally maintained at 7.365 pH–very mildly basic. (A […]

Listen in: Monday, 3/16/09 at 9 PM EST

Hi Everyone, Check this out: Who: Dr. Robert O. Young What: A Discussion on 4 (pHour) Salts and Liquid Chlorophyll When: Monday, March 16th at 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific) Where: InnerLight’s Conference Bridge – 1-712-338-8000 pin 7039# Join us this Monday evening when we will be discussing both 4 (pHour) Salts and Liquid Chlorophyll. These […]