Why is Garlic So Good For You??

Hi Everyone, Excellent post by Dr. Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute in W. Palm Beach, FL on health benefits of garlic. Three Cheers for Garlic By Dr. Brian Clement The primary purpose of fasting is to enable the kidneys, liver, bloodstream and colon to eliminate toxic accumulations more quickly. Nature has provided us with her […]

Quarterly InnerLight Cleansing Feast

Hi Everyone, Here are the details from my website about doing the Quarterly InnerLight Cleansing Feast – you can eat as much as you want as long as you follow the guidelines.  You won’t be hungry.  I will even suggest that next time (because it’s too late to get products now, that you just try […]

Discover the Secrets to Holistic Nutrition, Cleansing and Fasting, Natural Weight Loss with Kevin Gianni

Hi Everyone, If the name, Kevin Gianni, is not on your radar yet, he should be.  He has done some of the most amazing interviews with experts in the raw food and health field.  There is another one coming up. After you listen to the interview, head over to my website for your SuperGreens and […]