What Does Sugar vs. Salt Do To Our Bodies?

Hi, Everyone, Please check out this video demonstration to see how certain salts are good for us and then see what adding sugar does to us: Everyone have a great green day! Janice Contact me if you have any questions or want the pHour Salt product for yourself. 239-272-8539

Dehydration Causes Many “Diseases”

Hi Everyone, Here is a link to an article by Dr. Batmanghelidj about how drinking more water can “cure” many ills.  Simply but true. Then, to get your whole house water filter system (around $1,200) that filters out everything, including the medications dumped down the drains of Americans everywhere, and leaves your water at […]

Alkaline Transition Challenge for Today

Hi Everyone, For those transitioning their eating habits to more alkaline instead of acidic, here is something to do for today: DO NOT CONSUME ANY CONDIMENTS TODAY Why?  They are full of sugar, salt (the bad kind instead of sea salt which we need), preservatives, and chemicals. Get your natural sugar from fruit. No one […]