The Truth About Salt

Hi, Everyone, I get questions about salt all the time and I thought I’d just address the issue here.  I mention 2 products below available on my website that are more important than you think.  The right kind of salt really helps the brain neurons function better and also alkalizes the body. So here are […]

InnerLight SuperGreens Healing Testimony

Dear doctor Young, I hope that this testimonial will help others in similar situations. On Friday November 9, 2007 I received the dreaded call from my sister and brother that my 77-year old mother had terminal cancer. She had 3 months to live and the “only” possibility for her to have a “pleasant death” was […]

Cancer Cure Testimonies

Hi Everyone, Here are 2 cancer cure testimonies from people eating alkaline foods.  It’s really not hard.  To get alkaline supplements, especially SuperGreens, go to my website ( or call 1-800-677-0997 and give them my name and I.D. #124175.  There are lots in my blog archives fro doing this gradually. Testimony: I visited a doctor […]