Listen in: Monday, 3/16/09 at 9 PM EST

Hi Everyone, Check this out: Who: Dr. Robert O. Young What: A Discussion on 4 (pHour) Salts and Liquid Chlorophyll When: Monday, March 16th at 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific) Where: InnerLight’s Conference Bridge – 1-712-338-8000 pin 7039# Join us this Monday evening when we will be discussing both 4 (pHour) Salts and Liquid Chlorophyll. These […]

How’s the Resolution to Lose Weight Going?

Hi Everyone, Were you one of those who had this resolution?  Do people still “do” New Year’s Resolutions?? Come on – you know by now that you’ve already blown it, right?  It never works.  You try each year with the same results. Try something new.  Ready??    INNERLIGHT SUPERGREENS   Why?  Because they work.  They alkalize the […]

The Acid/Alkaline Story and Weight Loss

Hi Everyone, I found this article at Losing Weight Following the Alkaline Diet Reviewed July 29, 2008 by neeogeeo About the Alkaline DietEating alkaline foods or starting an alkaline diet refer to consuming those foods and drink which have an alkaline effect on the body. This effect is based upon the ash residue that […]