Quarterly InnerLight Cleansing Feast

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Here are the details from my website about doing the Quarterly InnerLight Cleansing Feast – you can eat as much as you want as long as you follow the guidelines.  You won’t be hungry.  I will even suggest that next time (because it’s too late to get products now, that you just try the SuperGreens and see what you experience.  Then as time goes on, you can add other products to your cleanse.  Start slow.  But start.

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We also have Cleanse Calls to support you each day which are about 20 minutes long.  Great info here on how your body works so please don’t miss out.  We have great speakers lined up.  They don’t teach you this in school!

Beginning Wednesday January 14th and continuing for 7 nights

Call in Number:  (712) 338-8000 pin 7039#

Each of the following calls will begin with exactly where you are in your cleanse and what you should be feeling.
Challenges will be discussed and how to overcome them:

Wednesday, January 14th: Dr. Robert Young will kick off the 2009 cleanse call series with why cleansing is part of the InnerLight program, the importance of cleansing periodically, and what to expect during and after the process.  He will give you everything you need for a successful first day on the cleanse.

Thursday, January 15th: Rosalina Hom, InnerLight leader, health counselor and nutritional microscopist.   Rosalina cleanses as a regular part of her InnerLight program and is well known for coaching others through the process.  She teaches the importance of cleansing and the amazing health benefits the InnerLight cleanse can bring to your life. She will review your first day on the cleanse and what you can expect the next day.  She will prepare you for the challenges you may experience and how to overcome them.

Friday, January 16th: Robert Kania, InnerLight leader, will prepare you for your third day of the cleanse.  He personally experienced huge challenges on this day when he cleansed for the first time and with mentoring from his upline was able to overcome the obstacles and complete a rewarding and worthwhile cleanse experience.  Robert will walk you through all the possibilities that day three may bring for you.

Saturday, January 17th: Mary Ann Green, one of InnerLight’s more revered experts, will prepare you for day four of the cleanse.  Mary Ann has been cleansing for over 15 years and coaching others to do the same.  She will mentor participants through any boredom or frustration being experienced.  She will also share with you the exhilaration that is ahead for you.

Sunday, January 18th: Jim and Marie Dahlen, InnerLight leaders, nutritional microscopist, health coach and InnerLight product experts.  Marie and Jim will explain why you are feeling the amount of energy you are at this point, why your clarity of thought is increasing and the other benefits that are starting to appear in your life.  They will also offer the words of encouragement you need at this point to finish the process and receive the full benefits.

Monday, January 19th: Ken Lyons, InnerLight Leader, will share with you why he has done over 20 cleanses in the past five years.  He will cover where you are, why you’re there, and give you the support you need to get over the finish line.

Tuesday January 20th: Dr. Robert Young will close the cleanse call series with a wrap up on how your last day should be and how you can transition back into regular eating and, more importantly, how you can incorporate different forms of cleansing into your regular, every day routine.

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