Q & A on Raw Food Preparation

Hi Everyone,

Below are some Q & A that I have often wondered about since starting my alkaline, partially raw diet lifestyle.  They are from the www.purejeevan.com website.

Q. Are fruits that have been frozen still raw?

How do you heat food to 105 degrees, like a raw soup?

Can one freeze their own veggies without blanching them first and still be raw?

Is eating cold processed extra virgin olive oil and cold processed extra virgin coconut oil raw?

Is sea salt ok??

Is there a newcomers raw food support group????.

A. Wow, a lot of questions. I hope I can answer them in a way that is helpful for you. Thanks for your email.

Fruits that have been frozen are still consumed by many raw foodists. They are not live anymore, but they have not been subjected to heat, either, so there is still a lot of nutrition available in them.

For heating a soup, I guess you could use a food thermometer to check the temperature of your water. Some people let soups process in their blenders until they become a bit warm, also. I don’t heat soups, so I’m not sure exactly how it’s done. Maybe some of our readers will offer suggestions for you.

Hmm…I’m guessing the same reasoning would apply to home freezing veggies that does to frozen fruits. If you don’t blanch them, they aren’t cooked. I’ve never done it, however, because I really like fresh veggies (they are definitely healthier for you than frozen ones).

As for cold processed extra virgin olive oil, many people disagree on whether it’s truly raw, or not. Some say that even with the cold pressing there is some heat through friction that will cause the oil to not truly be raw. The most I can say is that I use cold pressed oil and my health has continued to improve.

Sea salt is okay, depending on whom you are talking with. Some think it’s important because we can obtain trace minerals from it. Others think it’s harmful for the body. I use Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt, purchased through Natural Zing, and LOVE it!

There are many online communities for support (check the Online Communities section of the All Raw Directory) and I’m going to be launching a special support group within a month, or so, that will offer inspiration for so much more than just food. For local support, I recommend that everyone search the Meetup.com site for raw food meetups in your area. If there is a group nearby, join it and you’ll be meeting others who are interested in the raw lifestyle, as well! If there’s no group nearby, I recommend starting one. You may be surprised how many people are interested in joining you on this beautiful raw food journey!

I’m personally in a meetup group in my city.  My husband and I attend their potluck once a month.  We have a demo (e.g., sprouting) and/or

a speaker.  It’s great and great fun!


Have a great green day,



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