InnerLight SuperGreens Healing Testimony

Dear doctor Young,

I hope that this testimonial will help others in similar situations.

On Friday November 9, 2007 I received the dreaded call from my sister and brother that my 77-year old mother had terminal cancer. She had 3 months to live and the “only” possibility for her to have a “pleasant death” was to give her radiation since chemotherapy was no longer an option.

Her cancer had started in the right lung and had spread out to all her other organs.

After several family discussions of whether she should go through radiation or start the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet, a decision was taken to “at least” allow doctor Young to see her.

Off we went to the pH Miracle Center.

My Mother had terrible difficulties breathing and her face was looking grey. She had no energy and had to travel in a wheel chair since she could hardly walk. At the hospital where she had stay for 5 days they had been giving her 5 intravenous feeds with antibiotics a day!

Upon our arrival my first question to doctor Young was if he could help my Mom. He answered very kindly that he would answer that question in three days after starting the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

Even though we arrived on a Sunday, with very little time notice, we were greeted with kindness and lots of love. That same night doctor Young started my Mom on the pH Miracle Plan so that she could sleep the whole night. She did!

The next morning her breathing had already improved. After three days on the pH Miracle Plan doctor Young made it clear: my mother was responding well to the lifestyle and diet and was getting well!

She had a lot of acid in her body, yeast, parasites, fungus, you name it, but she definitely had a chance to clean all of that out of her body by staying there and following the pH Miracle protocol.

The decision of going to the pH Miracle Center was the best decision we ever took. After 4 weeks of being in this miraculous place my Mother was walking out of there on her own feet, looking radiant, breathing without any difficulties. Her blood had improved tremendously and she was in high spirits. On top of this her arthritis had disappeared as well as the bursitis she had in her right shoulder.

I have no words to thank doctor Young and all the staff at the pH Miracle Center for everything they did for my Mom. The care, kindness and attention we received at this Center is difficult to describe with words.

Thank you doctor Young for saving my Mother’s life!

Isis Rosander

Sarasota, Fl



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