How Much Should I Exercise?

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s that dreaded word “Exercise”. So what’s a person to do. I’ll tell you – plain and simple.

1) Pick something you like to do – even a sport – ping pong, badminton, tennis or whatever. Even a mini-trampoline is fantastic. It all burns calories, gets the body moving and flexible and starts the lymph system going to remove toxins.

2) You don’t have to do it for long. Even 5 – 15 minutes is good. Then you can work your way up.

3) Start with just doing something 1 day per week and work up to 6-7 days per week. You will find it addictive.

The trick is to change up your routine so that you don’t lose interest. Make it exciting for yourself. Invite a friend. Playing with the grand kids is wonderful exhausting exercise!

All this moving about will generate toxins to release so you will want to drink plenty of alkaline water. You will want to use some pH drops in your water to make it alkaline to counteract the acidity generated by the exercise. You can find those at my website. Just use 1 drop per 2 ozs of water. Presto!! It’s easy.

OK, this is your challenge for the day so let’s get busy!! Rock on.



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