How Important are Greens?

Hi Everyone,

Having green foods, drinks and superfoods are the single most important thing you can have in your meals.  They contain chlorophyll and provide lots of oxygen and energy.

Here is today’s challenge:  eat/drink something green at each meal for the rest of this week.

If you need superfoods, head on over to my website for either some powdered SuperGreens or Capsule SuperGreens.  Just 1 teaspoon of powder 3 times per day is like having 4-5 lbs of vegetables each time.  Our greens are concentrated in a 20:1 ratio.  You won’t find that in any other green drink.

Be sure to drink lots of purified water with your SuperGreens.  If a whole house water system is what you need, InnerLight has the best – in my opinion – and I checked out many of them.  and don’t miss this!!

Click this link for info on hydration, how it cures, and an interview with Anthony Robbins.  Dr. B’s book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water is absolutely eyeopening and phenominal.

Just drinking purified water will cure many things that cause us to suffer every day.  That’s because it flushes out toxins that we ingest.

OK, that’s it for today.  Just back after a little bit of a holiday break.  Hope yours was great.