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Dear Reader,

This is an important message…

If you’ve ever struggled with your energy levels or your weight now or in the past, then this is for you.

It may not be your fault.

A study released just over a month ago found that a group of Vermont residents had high levels of dozens of toxic chemicals in their bodies.

These chemicals included pesticides, mercury and DDT, which has been banned since the 1970’s in the US.

These toxins have been linked over the years to many different health issues such as memory loss, cancer, organ damage and fatigue.

What’s most shocking about this study is that it was done in rural, "pristine" Vermont, not the middle of New York City or Los Angeles.

So what do you do to protect yourself and your family?

The problem is most information about detox is dead wrong. In fact, it can be harmful to your body.

In a "must listen" audio that we’ll share with you in a moment, Kevin Gianni (co-founder of HBS!) exposes the health myths about detox you don’t want to miss.

He also explains 3 simple techniques to clean up the sludge that may be festering in your own body so you can feel better than you have in years (plus lose weight while you’re at it).

When you hear this information, it will blow you away.

To listen to a free interview explaining why you need to get these nasty chemicals out of your body and how to do it safely follow the link below:

Click here to get this revealing audio now

This is a timely message, since there has never been more toxic load in our environment and our bodies.

The good news?

If you listen to the audio and follow what is suggested, you’ll not only rid your body of these harmful chemicals, you’ll also get more energy and lose extra body fat.

You have to check this out now…

Click here to get this revealing audio now

Enjoy this gift and be sure to listen close, it could contain just one bit of information that can totally change your life.

To Your Health!

Mike, Kevin and the HBS Team

P.S. In this interview, you’ll also learn 3 strategies to reverse the toxic load…

Click here to get this revealing audio now

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