Flu/Cold Season Remedy?

Flu and Cold Season = Acid Season We have a flu and cold or acid season because we self-indulge in the acidic holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years Eve where people over-indulge in acidic lifestyles, food and drink. It is always easier to blame a phantom virus then to take responsibility for ones lifestyle and dietary choices. It is a personal excuse for bad behavior.

NO one needs to be accountable when you have a scapegoat virus to blame. And just think of all the money that the drug companies make off selling us on the so-called toxic immunity lie of vaccination. Thank God for the flu and the cold symptoms that help to remove dietary and/or metabolic acid from our body or we would really have a worldwide epidemic. People would be dropping like flies from excess tissue acidity without the natural detoxifying flu and cold.

Simply put, the body induces a fever (the flu) to open up the pores of the skin to eliminate excess acidic tissue waste products from an over-acidic diet and lifestyle. All of the cold symptoms are nothing more then the body removing dietary and/or metabolic wastes out through the orifices of the body.

There is NO virus. There is No germ that causes the cold or flu. It is caused from a buildup of dietary and/or metabolic acids in the connective and fatty tissues. The flu and cold is just the body saving your life from your acidic lifestyle and dietary choices.

The amazing thing is when you realize this and begin to take responsibility for your health with an alkaline lifestyle and diet you will never again experience a flu, a cold or an acidic out-break like the so-called phantom HIV, HPV, Hepatitis, Ebola, Hunta, SARS, H1N1, Swine, or herpes virus again. No need to inject toxic acidic vaccines and No need to take toxic acidic drugs. What this world needs NOW is Education NOT Medication. Stop the madness! So NO TO DRUGS! ALL DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is from Robert O. Young who wrote The pH Miracle Diet and Lifestyle.

I agree with Dr. Young.  More and more people are writing about this.  Get informed by reading.