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Tips from the Fibromyalgia & Pain Center:

Let’s review suggestions to end YOUR day on a positive note.

Basic Guidelines

* Know your body’s best sleep pattern. When? Where? Why? How? Work with, not against yourself. You’re not out to prove anything, to anyone. The goal is to give your body the rest it needs.

* Sleep and wake times should be consistent. Try to stick to a schedule. This will quickly coincide with your body and minds internal clock to become one. You don’t need another internal battle.

* Dinner should not be your heaviest meal of the day. Eat lighter so your body does not have to work as hard when you are attempting to wind down from your day. A heavy meal stresses your body to work harder and longer through the digestive process.

* Consider your choices of food and drink. Avoid those that tend to cause havoc with your body such as spicy foods; foods that can cause indigestion; and stimulants that may keep you awake such as soda, coffee or chocolate. For some, a glass of wine or a cup of warm light tea at the end of the day assists them to relax.

* Stretching is an important relaxation tool. Proper stretching techniques should become a regular part of your nightly routine.

* Use relaxation techniques that work for you. Do you enjoy soft music? Complete quiet? Soft lighting? Hot shower? Warm bath? Dip in the hot tub?

* Consider sleep medication if necessary. If you find that medication assists you to obtain a good nights’ sleep, then by all means, use with the guidance of your physician.

* Keep track of what does and does not work. Record in your journal and review this information frequently. It may be a “real eye opener”!