Essential Oil Diffuser Discount

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to pass along this great deal from Floracopeia. Diffusers are great in the winter months to diffuse those germs floating around and infuse your home and office with Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Silver Fir, etc.

Now thru Oct 29th, you get 15% off all Floracopeia diffusers and essential oils.

“One of the recent discoveries of aromatic research is that the antimicrobial effects of essential oils are most potent not when the oil is used in liquid form, as when applying tea tree to a fungal infection, but when pathogens are exposed to the vapors of the oils. This means that the most effective way of utilizing essential oils for reducing atmospheric contagion, neutralizing air-borne illnesses and enhancing immunity is through the use of aromatic diffusers, ionizers, and nebulizers.”

If you use the code: 1339 at checkout, you will get a nice discount. Just sayin’. 🙂

I can’t live without my essential oils every day. How about you? Don’t miss out on this great deal.