Acid/Alkaline Balance for Health

Hi Everyone, Just in case you think I’m the only one out there talking about acid/alkaline balance – here is an article I came across which talks about what an acidic lifestyle can do to your body. You won’t hear your physician talking about this to you because they want to sell you drugs after […]

Cream of Broccoli Soup – Upcoming 7 Day Cleansing Feast

Hi Everyone, Here is a recipe you can  use during our upcoming 7 Day Cleansing Feast that we have every quarter here at InnerLight.  We supplement our Feast with 7 calls from experts who will give valuable information about your body, your health, and cleansing.  The complete schedule of calls will be posted here shortly.  […]

Raw Food Starter Guide & Recipes (Yummie)

Hi Everyone, Here’s a raw food starter guide with definitions, information, and recipes. Very easy to understand. Do you have to be totally raw – of course not. Start slow and work up to 80% raw alkaline and 20% acid. This may take years for some of you who have been eating the Standard American […]