Alkaline Transition Challenge for Today

Hi Everyone, For those transitioning their eating habits to more alkaline instead of acidic, here is something to do for today: DO NOT CONSUME ANY CONDIMENTS TODAY Why?  They are full of sugar, salt (the bad kind instead of sea salt which we need), preservatives, and chemicals. Get your natural sugar from fruit. No one […]

Medical News: Counteracting Acidic Diet Reduces Markers of Bone Loss in Older Adults – in Primary Care, Diet & Nutrition from MedPage Today

Hi Everyone, Here is an article about acid/alkaline balance in the diet and it’s effects on bone loss.  It’s from MedPage Today.  It basically says that eating fruits and vegetables, which are alkaline, will help prevent bone loss.  It also says that it’s about impossible to eat enough food to counteract our acidic lifestyle and […]

What’s for Dinner?

Hi Everyone, Just a quick post to suggest your transition to alkaline foods lifestyle challenge for today. For dinner only eat a salad. One large, humongous salad with lots of vegetables chopped up, nuts, a few raisins, whatever you can find in the fridge. Maybe some flax seed crackers for some extra crunch. Enjoy! Chow, […]