Cancer Cure Testimony

Seek And You Will Find The Cure For Cancer

From: Marjoa-Leena Hirvonen

Life is a journey and now I’m going to tell about my own journey and why it led me to the pH Miracle

I was raised in the countryside where I learned to know what is right and wrong by experiencing and evaluating. I became an indivual with a common sense.

I was interested in nature and it gave me everything I needed (and still does). That’s why I studied biology and chemistry at the University. By coincidence I hung into pharmaceutical industry without any earlier experience/understanding about it. I have now been working there for 25 years with 23 years in oncology (cancer care) therapy area. The latest years with opinion leaders mainly.

During these years I learned a lot about cancer and met both patients (patient organizations) and doctors. In the congresses I was wondering why numbers and statistics pay such a big role. Etiology of cancer was described in a way I couldn’t accept. When I discussed this with doctors they told me that it doesn’t indicate an individual patient but is true on a population level. However many patients felt guilty and claimed themselves. Connection between body-mind-spirit was not presented because in medicine (and all natural sciences) everything has to be measured before you can believe on it.

In clinical trials, treatment guidelines and even in golden standards there is a hypothesis (set years ago) where diagnosis, prognosis and treatments accordingly are based on and nobody ever criticizes it. The hypothesis gets variations according to the treatment/drug which is in case.

Big Pharma is financing most of the clinical trials and cancer care is the fastest growing business segment of all therapy areas. Signal transduction, viral vaccinations in cancer etc., new molecules are worth tens of thousands per month. Imaging technique finds the smallest lesions and the cure is more aggressive and lasts longer. Both older and newer treatment protocols have side-effects and a variation of medication is needed to avoid those.

The following is how I got personally involved into cancer and had to re-evaluate my values.

My own experience about the cancer is strong – I was devastated as I thought that I’ll never get cancer because I’m so healthy.. However I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and had surgery (local resection; lumpectomy) and radiotherapy. Within the first year there wasn’t a day when I didn’t think about my cancer.

A couple of years later I lost my voice. Diagnosis was Dysphonia Spasmoides (SD), the most severe voice disorder.. I was offered Botox to my vocal cords; I didn’t accept it after having red Cochrane Library -results about Botox and its efficacy in treating SD. This was the first time my eyes were clearly opened. Why were doctors are offering Botox in the whole world without being able to show clear evidence.

I analyzed my way of living and came to the conclusion that breathing is my problem and it causes my SD plus emotional stress, imbalance in general.

I travelled to Tampa to a voice rehabilitation course and learned that breathing is very sensitive when a person is facing a crisis. Keeping breath to stop more worries to come. And like Pavlov’s dog you learn in which situations this is needed and soon it becomes a habit.

Body-mind-spirit arouse as a key to my life in theory but not in practice. That’s why…

After being disease-free for six years from breast cancer an inner voice (unconsciousness) said: go to MRI. And so the recurrence of my breast cancer was found as two metastases in the same breast area. I understood that now it is not curable any more. I was offered chemotherapy and endocrine therapy for the rest of my life after that. I started chemo as I had learned that it is necessary in these advanced cases.

This period of time was a real chaos. I was reading scientific articles about my prognosis and this knowledge nearly killed me. I told my family members and friends that I won’t’ live so long.

At the same time I got some strange strength to change my attitude. I was reading a lot and found out that the biggest wisdom is lying just in the crisis. I learned that the universe leads us and we have to follow whatsoever happens.

My affirmation at that time (and still is) was:

In each moment and everywhere I have everything I need. I’m in the right place of my life doing the work, which I like most. I can use all my talents and use them right. On everything I do God is guiding me and giving inspiration. I think, speak and act as is right. I enjoy my life and make other people enjoy their lives. I am creative and active, looking for the data and seeking the truth.

I used chemo for one cycle and was gathering information on other options. Found out that chemo in itself causes acidosis and oxidative stress, which according to my understanding is the cause of my cancer. So I wanted to stop it. I got hormone therapy instead as I’d learned that estrogen is the bad thing and should be eliminated. I used hormones for two months and stopped using them as well because strange things started to happen.

I had found something interesting from the Internet and met a person who I knew is doing microscopic blood analysis. This is what I’ve been looking for and didn’t hesitate. I contacted Dr. Young and we agreed that I would travel immediately to his ranch and can have nutrition plus microscopic analysis training at the same time.

I met this person, Dr Young, who belongs to the 0.1% of persons who can fly as a wild bird, free, but knowing where he is going to. As I have noticed, there are persons who are highly educated though have no common sense, take the direction which is given. Persons who are intelligent, but through the whole world history intelligence can be used to false, even fatal purposes (Hitler, Stalin). Then: there is a tiny group of persons who have wisdom. It is to be seen as humanity, open mind, spiritual vision, and awareness of the truth, love and care. Dr. Young is such a person, absolutely.

What he is teaching makes sense and is simple to understand. He says: there is only one physiological state of imbalance – the over-acidification of the body. He has documented this and shown in practice. I fully agree. Cause and effect relationship – this is needed as well as our own commitment to our well-being.

The secret of life is duality as Dr Young puts it. I have seen it in my life as well. You have to experience darkness before you find the light; feel unhappy before you understand what happiness means. Follow opinion leaders before you dare to take your own steps.

I have learned through my hard times the relativeness of things. Meaning of strong and weak varies. A person can look strong but is weak and vice versa. A person can be strong, strong weak, weak or weak strong. But weakness is the original strength.

Why I want to take weakness/strength – duality in this context? Because if you have a disease you are an object, seen as a weak link of the community. System (hospital, clinic, whatsoever) is taking the lead and you are suited into the needs of the system. It is not the purposeness, reliveness of your needs which is the driving force. At the pH Miracle Center this is different. You as the subject are actively taking part in your ‘destiny’.

‘Doctor managed perfect in the operation, but the patient died’; this is still true in many cases in medicine. Dr. Young’s approach is holistic and lasts as long as a person maintains the lifestyle.

Ecological footprint is commonly discussed nowadays. I’d like to raise a new footprint designed just for Dr. Young: Give a meaning for the Universe -footprint. (in this case big footprint is ideal). For me he has given the meaning – to help people to learn to know about the pH Miracle. And it’s my duty to the universe to do it. My own cancer is gone and I have found a new level of myself. Pleomorphism, Dr. Young’s clever idea, can happen in a human being as well. Unbalanced, unhappy without direction, with fear —> balanced, happy, with faith, aware of what, why and how. Ruin off the previous concepts if there is something better to be offered. There is now and I have ruined the previous ones.

To be or not to be – by Shakespeare. And, Shelley Young has said in other words prefer being instead of doing. Awareness and enlightenment. These two things I have experienced during my visit at the ranch. Each person from the personnel tells the same story about Dr. Young. His dedication, vision and open mind. And this is true. Wild bird flies.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and honour to Dr. Robert and Shelley Young and the personnel at The pH Miracle Center.

Seek and you’ll find. Knock, and the door will be opened.

Marjoa-Leena Hirvonen
Tapiontie 18 B
Fl-02720 ESPOO



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