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5 Easy Self Care Tips

Every once in a while I just like to put something out there that I tell my patients every day. If you have a tennis ball: 1)  Put it on the floor 2)  Stand on it with one foot while holding on to something, and lift the other foot off the floor – just for […]

Better Sleep/Better Memory

Better Sleep, Better Memory Class In June I attended the above titled seminar in Ft. Myers, FL.  A very engaging Doctor, James M. Coggin, M.D., taught the course so we were entertained for the entire day. Here are some excerpts: Omega 3: helps chronic inflammation Vitamin D3: takes out ameloid plaque in Alzheimer’s patients, 2000 […]

How To Take Care of Your Feet

The Key to Happy Feet and Legs I’m going to repeat this from my last Newsletter for those of you who are new because it was so popular. It came about as a result of the Foot/Ankle Class I recently took. The feet are the “windows to our bodies” because of the reflexology points they […]