Auricular Therapy


Ear (Photo credit: Menage a Moi)

Hi Everyone,

I came across this short video on auricular (ear) therapy. You can use an instrument as in the picture, and I also saw them use light on certain points. I have some charts for using “color puncture” on the ear at my practice. It’s very effective.

Additionally, I have often advised my clients to just rub every facet of their ears and focus on the parts that are hurtful. That involves spending a few minutes going over each part – not just a casual glance over the entire ear.

An interesting experiment is to turn your head to the right and then to the left – noting how far you can turn in each direction. Now rub the ears for a few minutes. Try again to turn the head in each direction. Notice the difference!

Something else nice to do is put a drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand with a teaspoon of lotion or jojoba oil before rubbing your ears. Yum!!! Very relaxing!