Are You Really Happy??? Really???

“Happiness is the key to wellness. No unhappy person can truly be well. In turn, the key to happiness lies in accepting, and living in accordance with, one’s true soul nature and having it received and acknowledged by others.

The inability to actualize who we really are leads to anger, anxiety, frustration, depression, regret, etc. And these emotions are often repressed, becoming morbidly introverted emotionalcysts.” Our bottled-up emotional cysts hold us back physically as well as emotionally and commonly serve as roots for chronic diseases.

The circumstances and stresses of one’s life will not instantly go away when working on a soul-level with essential oil blends. What will change is the position from which one’s consciousness views these circumstances and stresses. It is this shift in position from finite to Infinite, from stuckness to possibility, that can enable one to make correct choices, and thus, to move beyond what previously seemed intractable and hopeless.”

The above is quoted from Dr. Bruce Berkowsky’s website where he talks about using essential oils (true, organic essential oils) to help shift a person’s awareness of who they really are. I personally love using essential oils every day. It may just be to sniff one in the morning, or it may be to put some on my neck in the evening for a good nights’ sleep.

The “shifting” that Dr. Berkowsky is talking about is the same kind of “shifting” that happens when getting energy treatments that I offer. For a sample session, you can see my website ( It’s simple really. All you do is lay there and be open to receiving. It’s very relaxing and calming as well. I can even use the essential oils blends with the energy treatments! It makes for a nice combination.

Anyway, I oftentimes look myself over after the day (and sometimes during the day) to see if I am being true to my beliefs of what is real because Life can get complicated and things can get distorted. I strive to remember that a little love and appreciation goes a long way.

Stay healthy,
Janice Jackson, LMT

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