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Last week the sponsors and television networks of “Stand Up for Cancer” raised over 500 million dollars for cancer research in one night. This money will be used to find a cure for cancer.

The fact is, there is no cure for cancer because cancer is not a disease – it is a consequence of lifestyle and dietary choice. We need no cure for cancer. What we need is education. Unfortunately, I perceive the majority of this money will be wasted trying to find a cure rather then empowering people to make healthier lifestyle and dietary choices.

I have been asked if I was given 500 million dollars to put an end to the cancer epidemic how would I use the money?

The following is my list of twenty things I would do to begin to cure and eliminate all cancerous conditions from the planet:

1) Educate not medicate. I would empower people with the knowledge that health and vitality is a choice. That cancer is not a disease of the cells but a consequence of an acidic lifestyle and diet. That through changing lifestyle and dietary choices we can prevent ALL cancerous conditions. This message would be communicated through news print, radio, television, and internet, worldwide.

2) I would lobby to have laws passed to place warning signs on all acidic food and drink. It would be a requirement to declare the pH and the ORP or energy component of the food or drink.
All acidic food and drink would have warning signs stating that this food may cause cancer just like the label warnings on tobacco and alcohol. Warning signs would be on all animal meats, dairy, fermented foods like soy sauce, sugars like sucrose, dextrose, glucose, lactose, maltose, fructose, honey, and artificial sugars.

3) I would eliminate all vending machines from schools and public places that sell carbonated water, soda pops, sport drinks, weight loss drinks and energy drinks that contain any one ingredient – phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, caffeine, citric acid and any form of artificial or natural sugar.

4) I would have health warning signs placed on all soft drinks, cola drinks, carbonated water, caffeinated drinks (including coffee and tea), sport drinks, exotic fruit drinks and energy drinks that have a pH of 3.5 or less and a positive ORP. The warning on the label would state that these beverages are hazardous to health and may lead to many cancerous conditions.

5) I would put water ionizers in every school, government building and public place, like parks throughout the United States and then the world in order to provide purified alkaline water at 9.5 pH and -250 mV to prevent all cancerous conditions.

6) I would teach the world that the cure for cancer IS FOUND in its prevention not ITS TREATMENT.

7) I would contract with major Universities to study the impact of acidic food and drink on the quality of the blood leading to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Not one cent would go to cancer research directed at the tissue, cell or DNA. All research funds would be directed at how the internal environment impacts the health of the tissue, cell and DNA. Just as researchers are studying the impact of carbonic acid and carbon dioxide on the external environment (external acid rain) our research team would be studying the effects of dietary and metabolic acids on the human cell and tissues (internal acid rain).

8) Research would be conducted on the long term health effects of antibiotic use and vaccines.

9) Research would be conducted on the acidic effects of electro-magnetic fields coming from cell phones and electric cars and their association with the cause of cancer, including brain cancer.

10) Research would be conducted on women in Ireland and Norway to understand why they have the highest incidence of breast cancer. Is there a correlation between breast cancer and the consumption of dairy products? The same research would be conducted for men and the correlation of prostate cancer and the lactic acid of dairy products.

11) A research study, waiting to be started at the University of Miami on reversing diabetes with alkaline water and chlorophyll would begin immediately. The current trial study needs only $500,000 to be funded.

12) The programming of software for a central data base of blood patterns for all health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer would be created by a major computer company already to go. Hardware with live and dried blood software would be created for clinics around the world to send to our central data base. This information would then be used to document patient health and sickness profiles without the use of harmful radiation from scans. The information gathered from these blood tests would pre-screen patients years in advance of any diagnosis thus preventing disease. This information with other medical tests would be submitted to Harvard Medical and their alternative/complimentary medical school for further evidence that the alkaline approach is working to prevent and/or reverse cancer.

13) I would lobby to have laws passed giving small and large business tax breaks for implementing exercise and wellness programs, eliminating acidic foods and drinks out of their cafeterias and lunch rooms (This would include coffee, tea and soda pops). Employees could be rewarded with cash bonuses for staying healthy.

14) All prisons throughout the country would no longer be fed acidic food or drink. All prisoners would be required to go on an alkaline lifestyle and diet, including an exercise program. This would increase prisoner health and wellness and reduce prison violence.

15) Studies would begin using the alkaline compound of sodium bicarbonate to prevent and reverse cancers of all kinds.

16) I would begin to research how to clean up our polluted streams, rivers, lakes and oceans from all the acidic waste products from humans and business. Clean alkaline water is critical in preventing and reversing cancer.

17) I would develop education programs to teach people how to grow their own organic food and begin live off the land rather then processed foods.

18) I would lobby to have laws passed to require all fast food restaurants to have warning signs on their doors and in conspicuous places that their food may cause bowel congestion, liver disease and/or cancer.

19) All animal products, including chicken and pork would have warning labels stating that eating these meats may lead to bowel/colon cancer.

20) All dairy products would have warning labels stating that eating dairy products may cause breast, prostate or other reproductive cancers.

Of course my list is not all inclusive but it would be a beginning to the end of an epidemic we call cancer – or should I say, “I eat too much acidic food disease.”

This was an email I received from Dr. Robert Young who formulated the InnerLight Products. I must say, I can’t agree more. There are more and more supporters of the alkaline diet as evidenced by the number of books being printed on this subject. You can check it out for yourself on Google or Amazon or where ever.

To start alkalizing, visit my website and get the Cornerstone Pack. It takes 20 parts alkaline to neutralize 1 part acid so there’s no way you can ever eat enough food to do this – especially to start! You can get capsules or powder of the SuperGreens and then add the pH drops to all water you drink (this will keep you alkalized during the day). The benefits are usually weight loss and increased energy to name the top two. Those old cravings for bad carbs and sugar will dissipate.

Staying healthy and young,



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