Allergy Relief: Fight Dust Mites with Essential Oils

This is a quick article from one of my favorite website blogs on essential oils.  So many people who come into my office have allergies I thought I would post it.

There are many causes of allergies.  I have found that simply releasing the cranial bones in the facial area and ears can have an amazing effect on allergy symptoms.  The cerebral spinal fluid which circulates within our cranial system is part of our immune system which can help to fight off allergies and allergy attacks.

by Andrea Butje on August 4, 2011

Dust mites.

I know, not the most fun topic. What are they exactly? There is a website dedicated to these creepy little creatures called They define dust mites as “microscopic creatures that live in your bedding by the millions and cause allergies.”

In fact, they say that “Dust Mite Allergies are the most common type of allergy. It’s been estimated that 70% of all allergy sufferers are allergic to dust.” This website has some of good suggestions like removing carpeting in bedrooms, improving ventilation with air conditioning or opening the windows and vacuuming or mopping floors weekly (I would try daily for awhile), but they did not mention Geraniol…

Geraniol, the primary component in Palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon martini var. motia) was proven in a 2008 research study to be one of the most effective essential oil constituents for controlling dust mites (which can aggravate respiratory allergies) and is considered more effective than DEET (1).

I suggest using a simple linen spray made with Palmarosa and Lavender.  After washing your linens in a hot wash, spray it on your sheets a few times a day.

Dust Mite Linen Spray

8 oz water in a spray bottle
60 drops Palmarosa essential oil
20 drops Lavender essential oil

Research Reference:
1. Jeon JH, Kim HW, Kim MG, et al (2008) Mite-control activities of active constituents isolated from Pelargonium graveolens against house dust mites. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 18(10):1666-1671

Have a great day and stay healthy,

Janice Jackson, LMT