7 Day Cleansing Feast

Hi Everyone,

Here is the information I promised. The next Cleansing Feast!

Mark this on your calendar

The next InnerLight 7-Day Cleanse will start on Wednesday, October 22nd.

7 Days- 7 Calls – 7 Different Speakers

All calls will start at 9 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. PST. Here is the number to call:

Conference Call number 1-712-338-8000, PIN 7039#

These calls are free. The only charge is your long distance.

Take back control of your health. Participate, Learn & Change Your Life

Also, please forward this to anyone you think needs to hear this information. Anyone can participate. What we teach people in these sessions is to take back control of your health.

Here are the details:

1. Day #1 – The New Biology.

The body has innate intelligence and healing power: detoxification is the key. But how and when? Baby steps will become permanent improvements. Recommended supplements to alkalize with. Q&A. (Guest speaker: Michael Erickson, Pet Shop owner and pH Balance speaker interviewed by Mary Ann Green).

2. Day #2 – Our culture and how to circumvent temptation.

Will I be able to dine at The Cheesecake Factory? PF Chang’s? OutBack? AppleBees? Charlie’s Crab? Olive Garden? Ruby Tuesdays? TJFridays? TooJays? Chinese Buffet? What will friends and relatives say that will discourage you and why they say it? Restaurants menus, bathrooms stops, snacks that support. Recommended supplements for after the not-so-alkalizing-meal. Q&A. (Guest speaker: Karen Ponzo, very busy Middle School Teacher, Mom and wife interviewed by Rosalina Hom).

3. Day #3 – Exercise as a detoxification modality.

Why does exercising make us feel great? Why is sweating necessary? Do I have to belong to the local gym? Recommended supplements for the athlete. Q&A. (Guest speaker: Lorie Brand, Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer, interviewed by Mary Ann Green)

4. Day #4 – Which symptoms are going away and which are showing up on day #4? While you are detoxifying you now have rashes, welts, headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, fatigue, etc. What is going on? I was supposed to get well, not get sick! Recommended supplements for faster relief of detoxification symptoms. Q&A. (Guest speaker: the audience. This call will be opened to all on the call for Q/A. Mary Ann Green and Rosalina Hom will moderate the call.

5. Day #5 – Foods and non-food: What is the difference? Cleanse is a choice, not a formality. Is beef a human food? Why is grass a human food? Why do we eat anyway?What gave birth to supplements altogether? Q&A. (Guest speaker: Margaret Burgos, Reiki Master, interviewed by Mary Ann Green and Rosalina Hom)

6. Day #6 – Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you’re right” :The mental change via alkalizing. The first step is understanding and the second step is massive action. Just do it! Recommended supplements for life. Q&A. (Guest speakers: Marty Murphy, author of “The Mind Whisperer” interviewed by Mary Ann Green).

7. Day #7 – Mental journey to NOW! Let’s stay focused on the present, the condition of your body now letting go of how it’s been and fear of the future. Let’s manifest and expect only what we want. Enjoy alkalizing, give yourself credit for feeling good, big and small accomplishments. Simple protocol of supplements to sustain energy and vitality. Q&A. (Guest speaker: (possibly) Joel Rico, Owner of “Speak your Intentions” and MAPS Coach at Keller Williams Realty, interviewed by Rosalina Hom and Mary Ann Green).


P.S. Don’t forget to read about the importance of water before the cleanse: http://www.watercure.com.
There is also an interview with Anthony Robbins. You are going to drink lots of purified water! It cures.
Check it out.

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