5 Easy Self Care Tips

Every once in a while I just like to put something out there that I tell my patients every day.

If you have a tennis ball:

1)  Put it on the floor

2)  Stand on it with one foot while holding on to something, and lift the other foot off the floor – just for a second and then put your foot down and raise off the tennis ball.

3)  Move the tennis ball a couple of millimeters and stand on it again – repeat #2 above.

4)  Repeat all over the foot and then switch feet.

5)  Results:  A great foot massage, a wonderful free Reflexology treatment, and relaxation of the muscles all the way to the hip.

If you don’t have a tennis ball, someone at the tennis court will gladly give you one of their used ones or you can buy some.  If your feet are too sore to start, wear a pair of socks!

Here’s to your health,

Janice Jackson, LMT